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Patrick Coyne

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July 29, 2021

Hey there. 

I’m excited to announce our Series A financing of $30 million led by Coatue, with participation from existing investors First Round Capital, Box Group, Susa Ventures, and TriplePoint. You can also read more about our fundraise via TechCrunch here.

Looking back over the last year, we have seen a fundamental shift in the way the world communicates. Here at LiveControl, we’ve intentionally stayed under the radar, but at this point, our team is ready to come forward and share a bit of our perspective on the current video landscape, and our plans for the future. So here we go...

Traditional video production is only accessible to the top 1%.

Quality video can be truly impactful. Done well, video production can share more detail, give more context, and draw the viewer in. It allows us to connect on a deeper level, even when we can’t be there in person.

Think about how difficult and expensive it is to execute even the simplest multi-camera production. From unloading and setting up every piece of equipment, to testing everything before going live, to staffing every camera with a trained crew member: the average professional video production costs tens of thousands of dollars per event.

This is why you’ll only find specialized production crews filming the latest Netflix show, capturing the biggest artists at Coachella, or streaming Apple’s newest product launches. Because they are the ones with the big budgets to justify it.

We built LiveControl to democratize video production for everyone else.

We think everyone should also have access to the power of high quality video production. Imagine snapping your fingers, and an entire video production crew appears - for just $150.

The same idea seemed crazy for video distribution about 20 years ago, when video content was delivered primarily through cable television. But now, it’s super easy and affordable for everyone to upload and stream content to anyone in the world. Choose your platform: Youtube, Twitch, Vimeo, Facebook Live, and many others.

So we’re making video production as scalable as video distribution. Our goal is to give everyone the capability to produce engaging, multi-camera video at the click of a button. That means bringing LiveControl to your local: 

  • comedy club 🤣
  • house of worship
  • city hall 🏛️
  • podcast studio 🎙 
  • broadway stage 🎭
  • funeral home ⚰️
  • school 🏫
  • sports league 🏀

… the list is long, but the reality is that now everyone can be a content creator with LiveControl. We’re already amplifying hundreds of new voices, connecting communities around the globe, and creating incredible value for both creators and audiences.

LiveControl is reinventing video production: and we’re doing it remotely.

When we set out to rethink video production, we started from a beginner’s mindset. Even though many of the people that make up our core team have a background in traditional video production, we wanted to question everything. And the core question quickly became apparent: do we really need to be in person to produce high quality video?

The answer: no! But not without rethinking many of the systems and practices that make up traditional video production and building software solutions.

This stuff is incredibly difficult to build, and it didn’t happen overnight. It actually took our team years of iterative development to deploy; we wanted to understand every edge case of what could arise during remote video production at scale. But we did it. And the result is awesome. 

  1. It takes less than an hour to set up LiveControl in a new environment.
  2. Then, just schedule an event through the dashboard.
  3. When the event starts, the system wakes up automatically, and one of our professional camera operators produces amazing multi-camera video in real time.

LiveControl simplifies everything, and takes all the headache away from producing great video.

We’re investing heavily to enable even higher quality production, at even lower cost.  

Despite our exciting progress, our team believes that we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what our system is capable of.
We’re automating the many tedious parts of video production; which allows our camera operators to focus on the truly creative aspects that only humans can accomplish. 
We can’t wait to keep you updated on our progress over the coming months with many exciting updates. Our product roadmap is totally insane - and if you love tackling incredible challenges - I encourage you to reach out to our team. 
Get ready! 🚀

Patrick Coyne
Co-Founder & CEO

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