Provide every family with a high-quality memorial live stream & recording.

70% of families want a memorial service streamed and recorded. We make it easy for funeral homes to do just that.

Best in class. Managed by us. Fully remote.

Expand your offering with live video

Offer premium video to your families without increasing the lift on your team.

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Remote videographers

Professional videographers produce your service with care and respect

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Best-in-class support

Our team acts as an extension of yours every step of the way

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Multi-cam video production

Cameras silently switch and pan, tilt, zoom throughout your service.

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Text & email notifications

Families receive texts and emails for the live service and download

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One-click scheduling

Simple scheduling for your whole team to create and edit services

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Increase revenue

Make LiveControl part of your standard package or as an optional add-on for all families

Get started

Here's how it works


Equipment and installation included

Our team performs a one-time install of two robotic cameras. We then have full remote access to move each camera and customize the image settings.


Easily schedule with one click

Schedule the start time, end time, date and title, and we'll take care of the rest. Manage past, future, and current events with a single click.

Automated workflow

Text message & email notifications

We automatically send links to view and download the live stream directly to the family. Customize the language to fit your brand.

live production

Pro videographers remotely produce in real-time

Say goodbye to wide shots. Our remote videographers connect in and produce your multi-cam event, as if you had an entire crew onsite. Dynamic video just got easy.

new new new

Live stream through our custom web player

Stream to your private, branded web player with live chat, unlimited storage, password protection, and more.


Edited videos delivered for a lasting memory

Our team of videographers edit your video after the service to include custom title cards, montage integration, and more. Select this add-on to deliver a truly white-glove solution.


Experience a seamless indoor to graveside solution

Our partnership with Cemetery360 allows our clients to stream and record graveside with ease and reliability. With a state-of-the-art cellular bonded system and a wireless microphone, viewers will enjoy a high-quality, seamless viewing experience from indoor to outdoor services.

Remotely produced.
Premium quality.
Expert service.
Affordable price.