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Bring your venue to a global audience

LiveControl remotely produces multi-camera videography in your venue to produce high quality live streams at the click of a button

Videography has never been easier


From an entire production crew…


To a studio in a box

Production CrewStudio in a box

How it works


Easily install two of our latest 4k PTZ cameras


Set a date and time on your dashboard


We remotely control the cameras in real time during your service

Live Stream

Your event is live streamed to your favorite destination

Proven to grow your viewers and giving


Your Online Revenue

Our videos are proven to increase ticket revenue for your venue.


Cost Reduction

With LiveControl you’ll be able to get Netflix style production at a cost that you can afford.


Your Online Viewers

Reach a global audience for your talent. Video content for every live act.

Videography as low as $149 per event

Simply set a date and time. No more organizing production crews... Netflix style production on demand.

A custom player for all your content

We create a dedicated page for your Venue to host all your content. Automatic video archives, chat, casting, and more.

We integrate with all your favorite services

Increase Revenue

Because we decrease the cost of production, you can profitably generate revenue from video content. Whether it's selling tickets online for live streams, or selling the video content back to your talent, we provide a turn key solution for revenue generation.

Build a content library & increase attendance

You can build an entire library of high quality content for events at your venue. LiveControl is also proven to increase in-person audiences by generating engaging marketing content and more frequent touch points with your audiences.

Reach a global audience

Think outside your 4 walls. LiveControl helps produce amazing quality content that reaches an online global audience. LiveControl raises the quality of your stream helping you standout among the masses and increase viewership on your event.

Video production made easy

Event Ticketing

Setup tickets on our dashboard and start selling live streams at the click of a button.


Full control over graphics. From lower thirds to pre & post roll videos - we can handle it all.

Audience Analytics

View all your data. From locations to number of viewers, see analytics for all your content.

Simulated Live

Use any pre-recorded video and schedule a time for it to go live - reduce the pressure of live production.

Audio Only Solution

We record full quality, downloadable audio recordings for all your content.

Fully Featured Chat

Real time chat with reactions and replies to engage your audience.

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