Great question! LiveControl does not compete with those companies… in fact, we have a partnership with StreamSpot! LiveControl specializes in controlling PTZ cameras remotely. Think of us as replacing someone physically coming to your organization and operating the camera. We remotely control the camera to follow the action and better engage your audience with dynamic camera movements. So, to sum up your question… LiveControl operates the camera, while StreamSpot / Boxcast / Livestream / SundayStreams takes the camera signal and distributes it to your website, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, etc…
Yes! We have a different partnership with StreamSpot to best integrate our two services. However, we can also work with any other streaming subscription (or if you simply stream to YouTube or Facebook).
Absolutely! Our subscription plans come with free 4K camera equipment and installation to get you up and running. We can also configure the equipment to start streaming directly to YouTube or Facebook Live for free. If you require a more advanced live streaming server, such as password protection, or multiple destination streams, we suggest also purchasing a subscription from our partners at StreamSpot.
Yes! If you wish to use your existing equipment, you can save up to 25% off all of our subscription plans. Simply schedule a free demo to talk to one of our integration specialists.
Easy! Simply login here. Click schedule, under my account. Enter your service information and click submit! This should take less than 30 seconds to complete. Feel free to cancel up to 30 minutes prior to your service for a full credit.
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