One solution. Zero tradeoffs.

When it comes to live video production, this is as out-of-the-box and end-to-end as it gets.

Remotely produced.
Premium quality.
Expert service.
Affordable price.

This is how we do it.

A cinema-quality camera positioned in front of a video encoder embodying the technology equipment that LiveControl sends to its customers.


We send you
the tech

What if getting started was as easy as opening your mail? We’ll send you our studio in a box, filled with all the cameras and tech you need to install and get started faster than you can say “action.”

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You tell us when
you need us

With a few clicks in your LiveControl dashboard, you’ll schedule your service and be assigned a professional operator for your event. And that’s it — they’ll wake up the cameras when it’s
showtime and take it from there.

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A graphic showing a simplified interface for scheduling live streams including 3 options: static streams, simulated live streams, and produced streams.
A small graphic of simplified remote camera controls overlayed over a video of a concert showing more dynamic UI of how LiveControl captures events.


We remotely
capture the action

Zoom. Fade. Pan. Switch. Our expert videographers use our technology to remotely control your cameras in real time, following every important moment without needing to be in the room.

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You share your
stream wherever
you want to

Invite audiences around the world to watch your high-definition, dynamic stream through your own branded web player.

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A simplified user interface of how a LiveControl livestream looks in their player, including alternate simulcasting options on other platforms.

A full production suite

We know your content is important, so we built systems to make sure we never miss a shot.

An icon for LiveControl's graphics features showing an outlined image intended to symbolize a graphic.


Add extra flare to get your point across, from lower thirds and images to pre- and post-roll videos.

An icon for LiveControl's chat feature showing 2 chat bubbles.


Let your audience connect with you and each other using your branded, real-time chat.

An icon for LiveControl's simulcasting showing a larger primary circle connected to 3 orbiting circles, illustrating live stream distribution.


Stream in multiple places at once, from Facebook and YouTube to anywhere you want with a custom RTMP.

An icon for LiveControl's simulated live feature showing a simple graphic of a screen and video scrubber with broadcasting arcs.

Simulated live

Use any pre-recorded video and we'll make it feel like a live event. Your audience won't know the difference.

An icon for LiveControl's hardware monitoring feature showing an outline of a monitor with a check mark.

Consistent monitoring

Every 30 minutes, we remotely perform a full maintenance check so we're always ahead of any issues.

An icon for LiveControl's analytics feature showing an x and y axis and a chart symbolizing data.


Understand your audience better with up-to-date viewership data and analytics.

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