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LiveControl remotely produces your event for a fraction of the cost

Video production, made easy

Think of us as your production crew, backstage, controlling your camera... except everything is done remotely
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How it works


Easily install two of our latest 4k PTZ cameras


Set a date and time on your dashboard


We remotely control the cameras in real time during your service

Live Stream

Your service is live streamed to your favorite destination

Remote Videography

Goodbye Boring Wideshots

Our team of videographers remotely operate your camera in real-time. Stop relying on expensive camera crews - LiveControl pans towards the action and zooms in as you speak.
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Turnkey equipment solution

Install With Ease

Need equipment? LiveControl provides all the equipment you need to get live streaming. No more  stressing about what to get and paying huge fees to outside camera installers. Already have a camera? We can also integrate into your existing equipment.

Enabled Cameras
Camera Movements
Optical Zoom

We integrate with all your favorite services

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set and forget

Schedule a service in seconds

Save time hiring and managing videographers. Simply schedule your event online, and we handle the rest. We save you time so you can focus on what you do best.

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Always online

Your own branded web player

We create you a dedicated page for all your content. Automatic video archives, chat, TV casting, and more.

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Full production capabilities

LiveControl handles all your videography needs with the click of a button.


We’re the only company that integrates with Zoom. Keep your audience connected in a way that they’ve grown used to.

Seamless Donations

We integrate a donation button directly onto your page. Viewers can easily give without distracting them from your message.

Audience Analytics

View all your data. From location to number of viewers, see analytics for all your content.

Simulated Live

Use any pre-recorded video and simulate your live experience, without the pressure of live production.

Audio Only Solution

We’ve built a telephony solution that reaches audiences of all ages effortlessly.

Presentations & Lyrics

Need graphics or powerpoint overlays? We can simultaneously cast your graphics along with your video content.

Trusted from small to large

Thousands of services operated. Millions of people reached. We make your life easy, and your audience engaged.
“LiveControl has provided us with an amazing live streaming experience for the past 4 years”
Don Levy
Marketing & Communications Director
“LiveControl is the easiest way to create quality content for comedians. Period.”
Tom Arnold
“LiveControl changed our live stream from a simple wide shot, to an engaging online experience”
Rabbi Paul Kipnes
Congration Or Ami

High Quality, Low Price

LiveControl is 90% less expensive than comparable in-house alternatives

1 Produced Event
Per Week

  • Everthing you need to get started
  • Multi Camera Operation
  • LiveControl Encoder
  • Unlimited Wide-Shots
  • 24/7 Equipment Monitoring
  • Dedicated Website
  • Unlimited Distrution & Simulcasting
  • 1080p Streaming
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2+ Produced Events
Per Week

Custom Pricing Available
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  • All the same great features
  • Multi Camera Operation
  • LiveControl Encoder
  • Unlimited Wide-Shots
  • 24/7 Equipment Monitoring
  • Dedicated Website
  • Unlimited Distrution & Simulcasting
  • 1080p Streaming
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