Take Your Congregation Online: Start Building Your Virtual Church Community

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January 15, 2021

Take your congregation online: start building your virtual church community

Worshipping from home may not be the same as physically gathering in church every Sunday, but that does not mean that your community has to be any less connected during this pandemic. Churches have been working on growing their online presence and cultivating and growing their congregations online.

Don’t waste this opportunity to foster a connection with your church family and welcome new congregants at the same time.

Our team has compiled a list of helpful tips to help you do this: 

1. If you aren’t yet, start live streaming your services and church events.

Hopefully, you are already live streaming your Sunday Services. If you aren’t, it’s time to start live streaming to your congregants, whether that is on Facebook Live or YouTube Live; meet your congregation where they are with the sermons and hymns that they wish they could experience in person.

LiveControl can help you do this, taking care of the equipment, videography, and streaming so that all you have to do is send your congregants to your live stream and engage with them during your services and events.

2. Start implementing Zoom into your church events and gatherings.

Outside of its use as a business conferencing tool, Zoom is now more widely used within communities and families to stay connected. You can do the same with your church community by setting up Zoom calls that allow your congregants to engage with you and with each other. 

We can even help you integrate Zoom into your live stream to give your congregants a chance to see and engage with each other during services! 

3. Use social media to keep your community informed and engaged.

Now that you are live streaming and hosting events online, make sure that your congregants know about them by posting it to your church’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. This is also a good opportunity to expand your church community with shareable content.

Create Facebook events for your upcoming services so that they can put it in their calendar and invite their friends and family, or post daily devotionals to keep the community engaged.

4. Be responsive and available online.

Once you’ve started building up your online presence, your congregants or people looking for online church services to start attending, you may start getting messages on social media or your website. It is important to respond to these questions and messages quickly to show them that you are engaged with and care about your congregation and your church community.

To learn more about how you can start engaging with your congregation via online services, schedule a free demo with our team here.

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