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Why Zoom is only the beginning for live streaming services for Houses of Worship

Jacob Braunstein

Zoom has forced many Houses of Worship, along with other organizations (think comedy clubs, gyms, and concert venues) to adapt quickly to the live streaming movement. Many were hesitant with the initial leap into the internet, with common questions being:

Why would we showcase our content for free online?

But now with large gatherings banned throughout most of the United States (if not world), it's forcing organizations to rethink their approach and the potentials cons, as if they don't provide a virtual presence, then there is no relevant connection to their members/customers.

Zoom has proven to be an effective, easy, affordable, and widely accessible form of connecting virtually. As the widespread use was initially fun, quirky, and different, we're now entering month 4 of our quarantine, where people are having serious "Zoom Fatigue". A researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) puts it,

Zoom calls are now becoming exhausting for the average American, because all of our life cycles are happening on the same platform. Before where you might have relaxed by going into a bar, or comedy club, you are now faced by using the same platform where you communicate with co-workers or your therapist.

Zoom is a great short term solution, but let's talk about once you and your clergy are allowed back into your worship space. You have just spent the better half of the year training your members that virtual worship works and exist. Your members ages 60+ are especially hesitant to physically participate with large groups.

You need to continue with your online presence, not just because the times require it, but because your viewers are demanding it.

The truth is good video production is hard. Getting your content out there is easy - you have seen this first hand with Zoom -  sitting 20 inches from your Laptop screen. What happens when you are now standing in a 200 foot sanctuary? You need the cameras, audio, time, skill, and know-how to pull of each one of your services.

There are do-it yourself options and many Houses of Worship are able to pull it off. But at the end of the day...

Houses of Worship are not production companies.

If your sermon doesn't align with their timing, what's stopping them from virtually participating in another Synagogue's service on the other side of the country?

Need something more scalable? That's where LiveControl can help -- we can install and manage all your camera equipment, operate your cameras during your LiveStream, and distribute the content to all your favorite destinations. Want to get started? Visit for more info.

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