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Live video production, reimagined

Be at the forefront of virtual events. Our team of experts uses cutting-edge technology to produce live stream events without ever being in the building.

A dynamic, multi-camera experience

Give your audience worldwide more than just a stream with expert-operated cameras that zoom, pan, and tilt towards the action.

Dynamic production for now or later

  • Simulated Live

    Use any pre-recorded video and we'll make it feel like a live event. Your audience won't know the difference.

  • Live production

    You can schedule unlimited streams that we'll record using either your default wide shot or multi-angle shots.

Distribution made easy

  • Simulcasting

    Easily simulcast to Facebook and YouTube, or connect a custom RTMP for endless flexibility.

  • Hosting integrations

    LiveControl seamlessly integrates with the hosting providers you already use.

Built for security and reliability

Our systems are designed to ensure your stream quality is consistent and your content is secure.

Fail-safe operation

If your internet drops during the live production, the local system will still record a wide shot.

Triple recording backup

To make sure your content is never lost, we record 3 backups.

Multi-CDN redundancy

We leverage multiple content delivery networks to provide reliable and resilient live streaming.

Default safe-shot

In the case of any camera failure, we automatically default to standard shots that will always capture your content.

Automatic security checks

Every 30 minutes, we perform a full maintenance check so we're always ahead of any issues.

Adaptive bitrate streaming

We automatically transcode and distribute your content in multiple resolutions to make sure your videos look the best for everyone.

A branded hub for all your content

Give your audience access to all of your content on your dedicated live streaming page.

  • Video archives
  • Donation buttons
  • Event schedules
  • Privacy controls

Better understand your audience

Get easy access to your viewership data and analytics.

Connect with the services you already use

LiveControl seamlessly integrates with over 100+ services from distribution platforms to presentation software.

Rich features to meet your needs

Event ticketing

Unlock new revenue by selling tickets to your events at the click of a button.


From lower-thirds to pre- and post-roll videos, we'll handle it all.

Video archive

Manage all of your content in one secure place.

Instant downloads

Access and download all recordings — both video and audio — whenever you need to.

Audio normalization

Audio always sounds good because we're automatically adjusting it throughout your events.

Full featured chat

Let your audience connect with each other using your branded, real-time chat.

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