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A True All In One Solution

Our technology enables companies to access high quality video production without the cost. See how we do it.

We turn your event into a cinematic experience

Think of us as your production crew, backstage, controlling your camera... except everything is done remotely

One place to schedule

  • Simulated Live

    Use any pre-recorded video and simulate your live experience, without the pressure of live production.

  • Unlimited Wideshots

    Don't need a full production? You can schedule unlimited streams to be recorded with your default wide shot.

Distribution Made Easy

  • Simulcasting

    Easily simulcast to Facebook and YouTube, or connect a custom RTMP for endless flexibility.

  • Hosting Integrations

    LiveControl seamlessly integrates with your favorite hosting providers.

Built with your safety in mind

We know your content is important so we built systems to make sure we never miss a shot.

Fail-Safe Operation

Incase of loss of internet during the live production, the local system will continue to run independently and record a wide shot.

Triple Recording Backup

In real time, we keep 3X recorded backups. We make sure your content is never lost. Access and archive at any time.

Multi-CDN Redundancy

We leverage multiple content delivery networks to provide reliable and resilient live streaming.

Default Safe-Shot

In the case of any camera failure, we automatically default to standard shots that will always capture your content.

Automated Database Sync

Every 30 minutes our system performs a full maintenance check, so when you go live, there's no unexpected issues.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

We automatically transcode and distribute your content in multiple resolutions to make sure your videos look the best for every user.

Your Dedicated Live Streaming Page

Your own page for live streaming. Direct customers to one place to view your content.

  • Video Archives
  • Donation Buttons
  • Event Schedules
  • Privacy Controls

Understand Your Viewers

View all your data. From location to number of viewers, see analytics for all your content.

We integrate with all almost anyone

LiveControl has integrations with over 100+ services so you can stream to any destination and use any of your presentation softwares.

And many more features...

Event Ticketing

Setup tickets on our dashboard and start selling live streams at the click of a button.


Full control over graphics. From lower thirds to pre & post roll videos - we can handle it all.

Video Archive

View all your content in one place. Manage descriptions, privacy, and more in one place.

Instant Downloads

We record full quality, downloadable audio recordings for all your content.

Audio Normalization

We automatically adjust the volume to consistently provide normal volume levels regardless of input.

Full Featured Chat

Real time chat with emoji reactions, replies, and moderation to engage your audience.

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