Features That Scale

Our technology enables companies to access high quality video production without the cost. See how we do it.

All in one solution

Think of us as your production crew, backstage, controlling your camera and monitoring your production... except everything is done remotely

No more boring wide shots

Our team of videographers remotely operate your camera in real-time. We zoom in as you speak and pan as you move. Say goodbye to static video feeds.

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Real time editing

You focus on your content, and we focus on displaying it. We transition between shots in real time to create a true production with the click of a button. Plus, we cut and trim the videos for optimal footage archives.

Unlimited Wide-shots

Don't need full camera operation? You can schedule unlimited static camera wide shots from the dashboard.

Built with your safety in mind

We know your content is important so we built systems to make sure we never miss a shot.
Fail-Safe Operation

Incase of loss of internet during the live production, the local system will continue to run independently and record a wide shot.

Default Safe-Shot

In the case of any camera failure, we automatically default to standard shots that will always capture your content.

Triple Recording Backup

In real time, we keep 3X recorded backups. We make sure your content is never lost. Access and archive at any time.

Automated Database Sync

Every 30 minutes our system performs a full maintenance check, so when you go live, there's no unexpected issues.

Website Template

Dedicated Streaming Website

Your own page for live streaming. Direct customers to one place to view your content.

  • Video Archives
  • Donation Buttons
  • Event Schedules
  • Lead Generation

One place to schedule

  • Recurring Events

    Have an event that happens frequently? Set a recurring event and we will automatically start filming whenever it's on.

  • Unlimited Wideshots

    Don't need a full production? You can still schedule an event to be recorded with your default wide shot.

Full Control

Talk to your operator

Connect directly with your camera operator at any time with live chat. Give suggestions on shots and we will cover your needs.

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Distribution Made Easy

  • YouTube & Facebook Simulcasting

    Easily simulcast to Facebook and YouTube seamlessly. One click and you're live.

  • Hosting Integrations

    LiveControl seamlessly integrates with your favorite hosting providers.

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LiveControl is 80% less expensive than comparable in-house alternatives
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