LiveControl signs with JB&A

Written by

Jacob Braunstein

Published on

June 20, 2023

Dear LiveControl Community,

I'm thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with JB&A, a renowned distributor in the AV industry. This collaboration is a significant milestone in our mission to make video production accessible to all organizations. As the Founder/CEO of LiveControl, I'm personally elated to see this partnership come together and the immense value it will bring to our current and future clients.

LiveControl has always aimed to provide scalable, on-demand remote video production solutions. With our proprietary camera control software and LiveControl Encoder, our nationwide network of videographers successfully live-switch over 45,000 live events annually. From Broadway Shows to University Conferences to Sunday Services, we remotely produce a diverse range of events, with clients across all 50 states.

Leveraging JB&A's vast network of resellers in the AV industry, will allow us to not only reach more clients, but also begin to work with any PTZ camera, regardless of brand or model. We initially took on the responsibility of providing every piece of hardware for clients, to make the initial setup as easy as possible to get started. In working with JB&A, we will still be able to provide the same ease-of-use, while also offering a much larger list of camera options. LiveControl will no longer need to be responsible for camera inventory and distribution, which will allow us to continue to focus on what really matters: the remote videography.

The LiveControl offering is unique to the industry and bringing it to the channel requires a specific type of partner. JB&A understands the vision, value, and disruption that LiveControl has to offer, making them the perfect partner to launch into AV resellers throughout the country.

We are excited to embark on this journey with JB&A, empowering us to deliver exceptional video production experiences to our clients and reinforcing our commitment to excellence!

Sincerely, Jacob Braunstein

Founder & CEO, LiveControl

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