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Platforms To Encourage Online Giving

Jacob Braunstein

Encourage online giving during your live stream with these online platforms

Now that worship is primarily done online due to stay-at-home orders, churches have had to adapt every part of their service to this new norm. Accepting donations is one way that congregants engage with and stay connected to their church. Since it is impossible to pass a physical offering plate, churches have had to find ways to allow congregants to donate from their homes.

With LiveControl, we help our clients do this by implementing donation buttons and links to their live streams that have increased their online giving by 5x. All you have to do is choose a platform to start accepting donations and we can help you integrate it into your stream.

Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Paypal

Paypal is one of the more widely known forms of accepting donations on this list. Their platform makes it easy to create a standard or customized Donate button that you can integrate into your Facebook Live or Youtube Live stream. To add to that, it also allows congregants to set up recurring donations. 

2. is a platform built specifically for churches, offering features outside of online giving including messaging, church management software, and tools to help you build a church website. In terms of online giving, they also allow for recurring donations, and have made it even easier for congregants to donate through their mobile app or via their text giving capabilities. 

3. Faithlife Giving

Similar to, Faithlife Giving also offers tools outside of online giving including web design, communications, and sermon planning. Their online giving tools make online giving easily accessible for your viewers including Give buttons during live streams, mobile-friendly giving pages, and recurring gifts.

4. Donately

Donately is an online giving software used by non-profit organizations, agencies, and churches. Similar to the other platforms on this list, Donately makes it easy for congregants to set up recurring gifts, and for churches to manage donors. They also allow for campaign-specific pages, making it possible to accept donations for specific causes.

5. Fundly

Fundly is a little different from the other platforms listed; it is a crowdfunding platform. They allow you to create customizable crowdfunding pages, similar to the campaign-specific pages with Donately, to raise money towards mission trips, service projects, or church renovations. Fundly also integrates with Double the Donation, so organizations and companies can match donations to charitable causes that your church is supporting.

Interested in learning more about how you can increase online giving during your live streams? Schedule a free demo with our team here.

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