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April 4, 2022

Building Faith Communities Online

Are you looking into live streaming services from your church? Getting started can be tricky. Finding the best camera is essential. 

We’ll break down a few of the most popular options, so you can make an informed decision, and bring your congregation the best livestream you can!

Today we’ll walk you through pros and cons of three popular streaming options:

  • Logitech Mevo
  • Handheld Camcorders
  • Lumen PTZ 
Best church live streaming cameras

Logitech Mevo for Live Streaming Church

The Logitech Mevo is an all-in-one streaming camera. It’s a small, wireless camera that’s typically supported by a tripod. Mevo is super cute and unobtrusive, so the members of your congregation won’t always feel like they’re on camera – perfect for the camera-shy cantor or chorister!

Mevo is controlled by a mobile app that allows you to switch between cameras if you have a multi-camera setup. 

Mevo streams in a 16:9 aspect ratio, which is perfect for YouTube. If you’re streaming on another platform, however, it may not be the optimal aspect ratio.

And on Mevo, it’s not possible to switch to another aspect ratio, which is something to consider.

Additionally, since Mevo cameras are stationary, if your subject steps out of frame, you’ll have to enlist someone to go adjust the camera placement by hand. That means, at one event, you could require a separate camera operator for each Mevo.

Mevo has a 2MP lens, just one-sixth of what an average smartphone offers. And while it can stream in 1080p on most platforms, it maxes out at 720p on Twitter, which isn’t ideal.

Additionally, if your church or house of worship is older and relies on ethernet as opposed to wifi, you’ll have to purchase a separate ethernet adapter for your Mevo. 

Mevo Pros

- Small size

- Attractive design

- Plug-and-play

- Optimized for YouTube

- App-controlled

Mevo Cons

- Only 2MP lens

- 720p resolution on Twitter

- Not optimized for other streaming platforms

- Each camera requires an operator

- No pan or tilt capabilities

- Requires live operator to switch shots

Camcorder for Live Streaming Church

Camcorders are a classic option, if a little retro. Thankfully, we’ve moved from full-size VHS tapes to mini DV tapes to SD cards, so camcorders are much smaller than they used to be.

A camcorder is a solid option for streaming, because they typically have higher resolution than a plug-and-play option like Mevo. Clocking in at closer to 5MP, a camcorder lens is significantly closer to a smartphone lens, so you can expect a brighter, clearer, and sharper picture.

Many camcorders feature up to 20x zoom, although most camcorders will get quite blurry if you attempt to zoom in too far. 

Newer camcorders often have built-in stabilization in the form of a gimbal or digital gimal equivalent, which means that they’ll produce fairly stable footage even if your camera operator is walking or moving around the church. 

But that’s the thing…they’ll have to walk or move around the church.

Since camcorders were designed as handheld or tripod-mounted cameras, they produce static shots, freeing up your camera operator to use their creativity to frame, zoom, and capture important moments. 

Camcorder Pros

- Higher resolution than plug-and-play options

- Easy to use

- Built-in image stabilization

- Great for handheld shots

Camcorder Cons

- Requires a camera operator

- Dated technology

- Single-shot setup

- Low-quality zoom

- Stationary unless handheld

PTZ Cameras for Live Streaming Church

PTZ cameras are another great option for live streaming church, synagogue, or other services. PTZ stands for Pan-Tilt-Zoom, because that’s what those cameras can do – all on their own!

PTZ cameras have excellent 10MP lenses, which capture crisp, stream-worthy footage. They have up to 30x optical zoom, which lets the audience at home enjoy every single detail. 

Most importantly, PTZ cameras can be remotely operated by experienced video producers.

That means every member of your congregation can stay focused, while remote producers craft a professional-grade live stream. And since the cameras have a wide range of motion, if your subject steps out of the frame…the camera will follow them! So every priceless memory is captured and shared with the viewers at home. 

PTZ cameras are easy to set-and-forget, and they’re less than eight inches in height, so it’s easy to tuck them in unobtrusive corners. And they work well in churches of all sizes!

PTZ Camera Pros

- Small size

- Cutting-edge tech

- High resolution

- 30x optical zoom

- Multiple shots with zoom, pan, and tilt

- Can be remotely operated

PTZ Camera Cons

- More expensive

- Requires technical knowledge to operate

We Can Help You Live Stream Your Church Service

PTZ cameras are generally the best option for streaming services from a house of worship. And with LiveControl’s remote live stream producers, you don’t have to worry about steep equipment costs or complex technical knowledge. 

The LiveControl team is your partner in production from installation to execution. Simply install the PTZ cameras we ship you, schedule your event in our online dashboard, and we’ll take it from there.

When your service begins, we’ll control the cameras and live produce your service so your congregants at home won’t miss a thing. 

Our cameras unobtrusively zoom, pan, and tilt to keep speakers, musicians, praise dancers, and presenters squarely in frame, and our producers make artistic choices to produce a final product that keeps the focus where you want it: on the meaningful moments that take place within your community. 

Our House of Worship Plan features non-profit pricing that makes cinema-quality live streaming accessible to countless faith communities. In turn, we make your teachings and services more accessible to your congregants. 

During the pandemic, we were inspired to see so many industries shift towards becoming more accessible and equitable, especially for those who have difficulty leaving the house or traveling, whatever the reason.

We believe that this shift is here to stay. We live in an interconnected world, and we’re building ties across the globe, across time zones, and across cities and states. Why shouldn’t church move into the 21st century, too? 

Make Live Streaming Church Simple

Live streaming doesn’t have to be complicated.

We’re passionate about helping houses of worship build their communities and commit to accessibility for all congregants.

Because you have more important things to focus on! Let us take care of the technical details and provide you with an artistic, professional live stream across any platform.

Between our experienced remote producers and our state-of-the-art proprietary cameras, you can be confident that you live stream is in good hands. 

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