Why should I live stream to both YouTube and Facebook?

Written by

Jacob Braunstein

Published on

May 12, 2020

To maximize your viewership, you’re going to need to broadcast your live stream to everywhere your audience lives. Facebook not only has the best analytics, but it’s also where many of your viewers are. They get push notifications when you go live, drawing them to watch your stream.

“How do we create a permanent link to our live stream content?”

YouTube allows you to embed your live stream onto a separate website and easily organize your archived videos. This is great for embedding content directly on your website or creating a link on your website to YouTube’s live stream page. YouTube also allows you to create a permanent link for all of your live streams…

For example, you can have a link on your website called “View Live Stream” which directs to your YouTube live stream page. To create a permanent YouTube live stream link, follow these steps:

  1. Go to YouTube.com
  2. Click “View your channel” and select the appropriate channel
  3. Go to youtube.com/account_advanced
  4. Copy your Channel ID shown below
  5. Now, type in youtube.com/channel/PASTE YOUR CHANNEL ID HERE/live
  6. Your permanent YouTube Live Page should look like this: www.YouTube.com/channel/UC7qJ6z7MVPtqP8DXv0mXGaA/live

Now you have a url where you can easily direct guests to view! To make it easier for them to access, simply create a button on your website called “View Live Stream” and link it to the YouTube Live Page.

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