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February 15, 2021

Many churches have come a long way in their live streaming solutions from the start of the pandemic until now. One of our clients, Park Hill United Methodist Church in Denver, Colorado is one of those churches. 

Lead Pastor at Park Hill UMC, Nathan Adams, highlights that they started with no live streaming at all up until March of last year, and they are now streaming to Facebook, YouTube, their own customizable web player with LiveControl, reaching people across the country that have never attended in-person services before.

Bringing the Worship Space To Their Congregation

Park Hill UMC is over 110 years old, so for some of their members, this will be the longest stretch of time in their lives that they have not been able to be with their church community in the sanctuary.

Since starting to use LiveControl, their members have been able to see the sanctuary, experience advent services and Christmas decorations, and be in community with one another via live chats during the live stream. Not only that, but they are able to share the same live streamed experience with family members that are in other states, or even other countries, to celebrate these special moments and worship services despite physical distance and COVID restrictions. 

Giving their Audience a Higher Quality Live Stream

Pastor Nathan jokes that before using LiveControl, they started with a Macbook Air that they would rotate on a music stand. After that, they started live streaming from their respective homes.

It wasn’t until they heard about LiveControl from a temple that was already using our services that they considered working with us to live stream from their worship space. Now, all they have to do is hit a few buttons on the LiveControl dashboard to start delivering a professionally produced and high quality live stream to their members.

Expanding the Church Community with a Scalable Solution

As churches are starting to re-open their doors to in-person worship, members at Park Hill UMC have asked if they plan on continuing to live stream beyond the pandemic, to which their immediate response is: “Absolutely, yes, we know that there are folks that have connected with us, who are connecting with God, because of the ability to live stream”. They have found that people across the country that may never be able to attend in person services have tuned in to their live streams.

Even with the ability to pre-record services, the Park Hill community wanted to be able to respond to what is going on in the world and in their community in real time. Live streaming, and their partnership with LiveControl, has allowed them to do this as well as maintain an archive of their live streamed services that they keep available on their YouTube channel and Facebook page. 

Pastor Nathan shared that he and the Park Hill UMC community “feel fortunate that [they] have this partnership with LiveControl, and that [they] have the technology to reach more folks for Christ and share God’s love with them and grow their spirits with [the UMC community].”

For a full video interview with our clients Park Hill UMC and Bayside Church, hosted by Church Marketing University, click here.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your live streaming solution, or get started with live streaming schedule a free demo with the LiveControl team here.

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