Live video production, made easy.

Studio-quality live streaming made easy, affordable, and entirely remote.

From theater to worship and everything in between, we produce live events, completely remote.

All-in-one [remote]
video production

Learn more about how we produce over 35,000 live events each year.



Robotic cameras are installed in your space

Our team has full remote access to pan, tilt, & zoom the camera, along with changing image settings, remote updates, and more.



Schedule & manage all events online

Schedule the start time, end time, date and title, and we'll take care of the rest. Manage past, future, and current events.

Image of LiveControl's branded web player showing a still of from a jazz concert.



Pro videographers
remotely produce in real-time

Our remote videographers connect in and produce your multi-cam event, as if you had an entire crew onsite.

A small graphic of simplified remote camera controls overlayed over a video of a concert showing more dynamic UI of how LiveControl captures events.



Live stream through our custom web player

Stream to your private, branded web player with live chat, unlimited storage, and a donate button.

Image of LiveControl's branded web player showing a still of from a jazz concert.



Receive edited clips for marketing & social

We edit your event down to generate short form content. Creating your marketing videos has never been easier.



An entire team
supporting you

We’re on your team. Our remote operators take care of the visuals, while our support team is there for you, 24/7.

Headshots of LiveControl employees that make up their remote production team, including a videographer, event support specialist, customer success manager, and studio engineer.

Some of our favorite features

We know your content is important, so we built systems to optimize the entire process.

An icon for LiveControl's graphics features showing an outlined image intended to symbolize a graphic.

Managed Hardware

We monitor all equipment, receiving notifications with any anomalies and pushing regular updates.

An icon for LiveControl's chat feature showing 2 chat bubbles.

Production Support

Specialists in the field of lighting, audio, networking, and video come together to champion your event.

An icon for LiveControl's simulcasting showing a larger primary circle connected to 3 orbiting circles, illustrating live stream distribution.

4K Recording

Our Encoder acts as a local, high-resolution recording option, omitting any internet limitations.

An icon for LiveControl's simulated live feature showing a simple graphic of a screen and video scrubber with broadcasting arcs.

Text Message Notifications

Automatically send text and emails to specific viewers with the link to watch & download the live stream.

An icon for LiveControl's hardware monitoring feature showing an outline of a monitor with a check mark.

Graphics Integrations

Easily combine your chosen graphics program with our software to integrate directly into the event.

An icon for LiveControl's analytics feature showing an x and y axis and a chart symbolizing data.

24 Hour Scheduling

Schedule your events with as little as 24 hours notice and we'll guarantee a videographer.

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