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Live Streaming Guru. Peloton Nut. Co-Founder of Live Control.

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Do It Yourself Streaming Series: Mac Or PC? What Specs Do I Need In A Streaming Computer?

Mac vs PC, Toyota vs Honda, Pepsi vs Coke, it’s just preference on the machine… right? Well, not exactly.

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Do It Yourself Streaming Series: IP vs. NDI vs. PoE vs. HDMI vs. SDI vs. The World

There are many choices when it comes to choosing a video protocol. It affects everything from your installation to your hardware to your resolution and more. I’ll attempt to list some Pros and Cons to each and you’ll quickly see why at LiveControl, everything we use is IP based.

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Do It Yourself Streaming Series: Hardware vs. Software

This is the age old question, which can be widely debated… should I invest in individual hardware components that I can beautifully rack mount OR should I use mostly software to accomplish my streaming setup?

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Do It Yourself Streaming Series: When Should I Update My Streaming Software?

Everyone experiences this all the time – we log onto our computers to find the “update software” pop-up on the screen. When is the best time to pull the trigger? Are the new features worth it? Updates can cause major compatibility issues and can annoyingly come up right before your planned live stream.

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Platforms To Encourage Online Giving

Accepting donations is one way that congregants engage with and stay connected to their church. With current stay-at-home orders, how can they give from their homes?

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How your internet speed affects your live streaming.

Your internet speed is one of the most important factors in live streaming!

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Why Zoom is only the beginning for live streaming services for Houses of Worship

Having an online presence will be an essential part in how organizations connect with their members in the future

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How to optimize and improve your Zoom connection

How to optimize and improve your Zoom connection.

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How to easily incorporate pre-recorded video content into your Zoom call

How to easily share pre-recorded video content on your Zoom call.

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How to link directly to your YouTube Live Stream or embed directly on your website

Create a permanent URL to send to your viewers to watch your YouTube live streams.

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How to simultaneously live stream your Zoom meeting to YouTube and Facebook

How to simulcast your Zoom meeting to Facebook AND YouTube.

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Why should I live stream to both YouTube and Facebook?

To maximize your viewership, you’re going to need to broadcast your live stream to everywhere your audience lives.

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