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Hillside Memorial Park & Mortuary

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August 19, 2021





Funeral Home


Los Angeles, California

Customer Overview

Hillside Memorial Park & Mortuary is one of the premier funeral homes Los Angeles. Hillside has provided members of the Jewish community the means to honor their loved ones for more than 75 years.


  • 90% decrease in live streaming costs
  • 300% increase in live streaming profit
  • 100% availability for live streaming
  • Now offers graveside live streaming outside

The Challenge

In-House Live Streaming

Hillside's need for live streaming was quickly escalated during COVID-19, and their team started to explore their options. Hillside started to encounter common live streaming challenges, including:

  • Staff and infrastructure was not setup for continuous and reliable streams
  • Webcams and iPhones led to bad video and audio quality
  • Camera setup would often get blocked and bumped
  • No way to transition the live stream outside for the burial
  • The zoomed-out, static camera angle was not engaging for friends and family

Video Production Crew

The in-house attempt was not meeting their clients needs, so Hillside pivoted to bringing in local video production crews. Although this greatly improved the quality of live stream production, it brought a new set of challenges. The video crews...

  • Charged $700 - $2,000 per service directly to the family. This was expensive, and a direct charge to the client, so Hillside was not making any money from this offering.
  • Were only available 20% of the time. Hillside typically does 1 to 3 calls per day, so most clients were not able to access live streaming.
  • Were intrusive. There was lots of people and equipment involved with each service, and it did not go unnoticed. A funeral is meant to be an intimate service shared with close family and friends - not a movie shoot.

The Solution - Working with LiveControl

Hillside chose LiveControl as the right partner to take on their funeral home live streaming challenge. Hillside immediately benefited from...

  • All of the LiveControl equipment for free (in the form of a $0 lease). That's 2 PTZ camera's (pan, tilt, zoom), a digital encoder, and a mobile encoding device for outdoor streams.
  • End-to-end live streaming management. LiveControl controls the cameras, produces the live event, and sends the streams to Hillside's personal web-player and any other live streaming destination. All Hillside had to do now was schedule the dates and times for the services.
  • High quality video, audio and live stream production.
  • 90% decrease in live streaming costs. Each LiveControl produced service is only $149 per event, vs the $700 - $2,000 Hillside and their clients were used to paying.

Outdoor Streaming

Hillside is now enabled to provide high-quality live streams, outside. Being able to transition their streams to the graveside burials has made their live streaming offer more attractive to clients, and provides a complete funeral experience for friends and family tuning into the service.

Revenue Increase

Now that Hillside's clients were receiving world-class live streams, they were able to productize their offering, and charge an additional $400 to $500 per funeral service.

This amounts to over $100,000 in additional revenue per year.

Happier Clients

Hillsides clients were pleased with their new live streaming capabilities. They're now able to watch outside burials, and easily share their live stream link and recordings.

By removing the in-person video crews, they're able to save significant money, and avoid the distractions from the crew and their large equipment.

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